Donate to Teacher Appreciation Week

In years past, a couple members of the PCC (Walden's version of PTA) have been generous enough to be in charge of Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, we'd really love to get more parents involved! Teacher Appreciation week is a great way to show teachers they are loved and appreciated for all their hard work! It has been a huge success in the past and really means the world to them. This year, Teacher Appreciation week has moved to March 12-16.

How can I get involved in Teacher Appreciation Week as a parent?

The PCC would love love love to provide lunch and door decorating for each teacher. Please help us say 'thank you' to our teachers by donating below--every penny helps! The PCC will take donations via Paypal or at either of our front office locations. Monetary donations will go towards catering a faculty lunch, decorating doors, etc. Students will also contribute small tokens of appreciation such as, writing thank you cards, decorating doors, and other fun activities (all to be sponsored by donated funds).

If you cannot donate money but would still like to help, that's great! We need lots of hustling parents to make this a success! Parent volunteers are needed to coordinate decorating the teachers' doors at the middle school and elementary school. We also need help procuring free or discounted catering services and would love your help reaching out to local businesses! Contact Megan Stotts (PCC President) if you are interested in helping 801-787-5888. To be successful, we are really hoping to get the ball rolling on donations (so that PCC may know how much budget they have to work with).


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Your generous donation allows us to ensure that each student receives not only a first class academic experience, but is able to participate in trips and classes that require fees that may be outside financial constraints. Donations also allow us to invest and improve in our school facilities, garden, and playground.

Each tier of donations receives a unique recognition, as well as all recognitions in the smaller tiers. All donations can be anonymous if you choose.

Seed Tier - Less Than $25.00

Your donations are an important force for keeping our doors open. We are incredibly grateful for your support.


SPROUT TIER - $50.00+

sprout_large (1).png

For your contribution of $50, your name will be listed on our donors page.

SAPLING TIER - $100.00+

For your contribution of $100, both your name and a dedication or special message will be featured on our donors page.

Aspen tier - $500.00+

For your contribution of $500, your name will be engraved on our "Walden Giving Tree" plaque that is displayed in the school lobby, as well as appearing on the donor page.

JUNIPER TIER - $1000.00+

For your contribution of $1,000, a decorative brick with your name, or the name of a loved one, will be hand crafted by students and placed in the outdoor commons area. 

Walden Hero Scholarship - $5000.00+

We are always in need of scholarships for our national and international trips. Please contact us if you are interested in being a "Walden Hero" and send a deserving student on the adventure of a lifetime! 

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A Huge 'Thank You' to Our Donors

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  • Anonymous - $25.00
  • Anonymous - $10.00