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Walden Faculty

Meet the lifeblood of Walden. Without these dedicated individuals, Walden wouldn't be more than a good idea.

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All Walden teachers are skilled in their subject areas, and all have the proper Utah State clearance to teach. However, a few of our part time teachers do not meet Federal Highly Qualified standards because they do not have a Utah State teaching license. You have a right to know the qualifications of your child’s teachers, in accordance with 20 USC §6311(h)(6).

The following teachers are qualified to teach under Utah State authorization, but do not have Federal HQ status. All have university degrees and/or extensive professional experience and are invaluable to Walden.

  • Michele Taylor—Dance
  • Joe Perry—Tai Chi, Irish Music
  • Maureen Fletcher—Film
  • Kathryn Webb—Theater, CCA
  • Stewart Wheeler—Music
  • Jordan Andersen—Marketing, Political Science
  • Jason Hogge—Robotics, Computer Science
  • Grace Wilson—Music
  • Bryan Sours—P.E.
  • Charles Ross Hansen—Digital Media
  • Jeanette Jones—Mathematics
  • Hannah Hunt—Yoga
  • Nathan Anderson—Computer Programming
  • Matt Ellsworth—Chemistry
  • Tyler Tryon—Biology, Health, World Civilizations
  • Kamden Jones—Physics, Personal Finance
  • Austin Clark—Physics
  • Alice Waldron—Graphic Arts
  • Joe Wheeler—Spanish
  • Andrew Huff—Mathematics
  • Jennie Smithson—Kindergarten
  • Nathan Hauke—English
  • Aaron Hopkinson—Fitness
  • Marni Winkel—World Civilizations