Carl Young

Carl Young grew up exploring “The Ditch” in Houston, Texas—a drainage ditch behind his house that ran straight for half a mile, then twisted along the border of the golf course before draining into Lake Houston. He spent years exploring it with Travis and Jared, catching snakes, crayfish, fish, turtles, and frogs. Carl moved to Provo, Utah, in 2006 and has been teaching at Walden since that fall. He enjoys all the usual stuff: camping, hiking, friends, camping, eating lowbrow food, family, traveling with the Walden crew, wooden boats (he built a beautiful cedar strip canoe with his father, Doug), and reality television (particularly the Bachelorette). He has two degrees, a BS in Conservation Biology from BYU and a MS in Aquatic and Fishery Sciences from the University of Washington, and has endorsements in integrated science, the biological sciences, and secondary mathematics.  The best way to reach Carl is via email,, or by stopping by after school.