David Black

David teaches physical science (chemistry, astronomy, physics, and earth systems) and computer technology (media design, video production, and 3D animation) courses. He has taught at public and private schools in Utah and California for 22 years. He has a Masters degree from BYU’s Marriott School of Management and a Bachelor of Science from BYU in psychology. He holds a full Utah Level 2 Teaching Credential with endorsements in digital media, physical science, and social studies.

David believes strongly in project-­‐based learning and in integrating students’ artistic skills and talents into STEM classes. His Walden students have completed impressive projects, including creating a video lesson plan on finding the distances to stars for the MIT BLOSSOMS project, designing 3D animations of the formation and features of the moon for the NASA Lunar Science Institute, and narrating podcasts on astrobiology topics for the 365 Days of Astronomy website. Last year, Walden students completed a project analyzing soil contamination in the Tintic Mining District, funded by a grant from the American Chemical Society. David is an Airborne Astronomy Ambassador for NASA’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy and will fly on SOFIA in June, 2013. He frequently presents at state and national educator conferences, and is now on the Aerospace Advisory Board for the National Science Teachers Association. He has also been a Research Fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia and a NASA/JPL Solar System Educator. He maintains two blog sites: http://elementsunearthed.com and http://spacedoutclass.com.