Hannah Marie Salvesen

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Hannah Marie Salvesen is a filmmaker, teacher and traveler. Since age 7, she has been planning, producing and directing events, starting with short plays in her backyard.  Since then she has directed and produced many short films, taught film labs at Brigham Young University, and worked as a hair and make-up artist on feature length productions.  

Hannah has lived in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Idaho, Hawaii, Israel, and London, but she spent much of highschool and college in Provo, first at Timpview High School and then at Brigham Young University.  She loves to teach, edit her husband’s novels and screenplays, and write film reviews for her website, womenwatchfilms.com.

Hannah loves learning, but always struggled with school in its more traditional forms.  She loves Walden’s smaller, more versatile approach to teaching and learning.  Hannah is excited to help the students at Walden grow in knowledge and experience.