Administrative Structure

The Walden School of Liberal Arts is governed by a five-member Board of Directors comprised of a Chief Administrative Officer, Trustees, and a Parent Advocate (selected annually by the Parent Council) A Teacher Advocate and the Upper School and Lower School Directors serve as non-voting members of the Board.

The Board has full authority for running the school with the following primary responsibilities:

  1. Evaluate the performance of the school.
  2. Evaluate the performance of directors.
  3. Promote the mission and vision of the school as outlined in the charter.
  4. Oversee and evaluate programs.
  5. Assure financial responsibility.
  6. Assure financial accountability by approving and overseeing the budget, contracting for and approving an independent audit, and controlling investments and capital funds.

The Board meets at least quarterly to:

Fulfill its primary responsibilities.

Consider and adopt policies.

Discuss the school’s operations.

Hear reports and updates from each board member.

Consider requests and concerns from the director, parents, students, and teachers.

Consider any other matter pertaining to the school.

Board of Directors

Chief Administrative Officer—Robert Allphin 

A successful collegiate athlete, Robert Allphin graduated from BYU with a BS in Chemistry. He spent several decades as a successful production engineering manager. Since 1997, Bob has worked with ReMax Real Estate, has developed award winning online training courses and teaches at the Stringham School of Real Estate,where he has was been honored with numerous teaching awards.

Trustee—Laurie DeHaas

675 E. 1400 N. Mapleton, Utah 84664

Laurie has served on the Walden Board since 2008. All three of her children graduated from Walden.

Trustee—Dr. Thomas Paul Harper

675 E. 1400 N. Mapleton, Utah 84664

Dr. Harper has served on the Board since 2012. Harper has an M.S. in Psychology from Purdue University and a Ph.D in Educational Psychology and from Brigham Young University. He currently serves as a counselor with the Center for Change in Orem, Utah.

Trustee & Secretary—Richard Bobo

3811 Sherwood Drive, Provo, UT  84604

Richard Bobo currently serves as President of The Montessori Educational Foundation, which sponsors and encourages creative and innovative teaching ideas and methods locally and nationally and sponsors teacher training through the Utah Montessori Teacher Education Program in Salt Lake City. Bobo served as Vice President of the Mutual Home Loan Association of Utah from 1979-1985. After spending several years in an advisory capacity for a private school and learning about the educational and developmental needs of children, Bobo started the Montessori Educational Foundation in 1987 and became director of the American Montessori Academy in American Fork, a private K-12 school.  He successfully ran AMA until 1997, and thereafter has devoted his time to running the Foundation and to working in the Brigham Young University Neuroscience Center.

Parent Representative—Tracy Camara


Teacher Advocate—Beverly Pecoraro

Non-voting member

Beverly graduated from Brigham Young University with a BS in Sociology, then went on to Western Washington University to earn a Masters in Teaching, with a History endorsement.  She currently teachers AP US Government, Modern World Civ, World Issues, Psychology, and a Sundance Film Festival Class.  She is the adviser for National Honor Society, Model UN, and Model EU.  She also is the site director for the Boys and Girls Club before and after school clubs.  

Elementary Director—Dr Lois Bobo

3811 Sherwood Drive, Provo, UT  84604

Non-voting member

Dr. Bobo holds a Ph.D in  Instructional Psychology & Technology, specializing in literacy and the psychology of teaching and learning. She has worked in the field of education for 20 years, as founder and administrator of American Montessori Academy (preschool—grade 12) and as director of the Utah Montessori Teacher Education Program. Lois has worked as a primary and secondary school teacher and has been supervising secondary education student teachers and teaching theory and methods courses at Brigham Young University since 1997. She is currently working with Westminster College as a teacher educator.

Secondary Director—Diana West

4244 N Chapel View Circle, Provo, Utah 84604

Non-voting member

Diana West has worked in education for eighteen years as a primary and secondary school teacher and as an instructor at Brigham Young University. She served as Director of Renaissance Junior High School and as a Board Member of the Sundance Mountain Charter School. West was Chief Financial Officer of Utah Film and Video Corporation for twelve years. She earned an M.Ed. in Teaching & Learning at Brigham Young University and is a Ph.D. candidate in Teacher Education and Leadership at Utah State University. Her areas of emphasis include cultural studies and the psychology of teaching and learning. Her dissertation explores developmentally appropriate practice in secondary education.