New Website

Welcome to the new Website!

We had struggled for some time to make the old website feel like home, but sadly we ended up making it feel clunky and confusing. We've taken some time to re-evaluate what we want the website to be, and this is the result!

Website Quality Over Time

You may have already noticed that the home page is much more geared toward prospective families. We believe that by separating the functional and informational parts of the website, we can provide a better experience for both prospective and current Walden families. If you have the main URL bookmarked, you may wish to change that now.

Dashboard will be the new home page for everything Walden: 

  • Lunch Menu
  • Calendar
  • Events/Announcements
  • Documents
  • SIS
  • International Baccalaureate
  • etc

While the old homepage will be where prospective parents can go to learn about Walden's mission, goals, and place in the community.

We hope that you find these changes useful, and as always don't hesitate to comment with questions.