Stamp Game


  • Age: 8-9
  • Objective: Further abstraction of the concept of division through the use of large numbers.
  • Method: For an example problem of 9123 ÷ 3, the quantity 9123 is made with stamps. Starting with the thousands, the stamps are distributed into 3 different groups. If there are any stamps left over in any place value, they are each exchanged for 10 of the next smallest place value. Note: Be sure to create problems without remainders for a control of error.
  • Materials: A quantity of small squares in green, blue, and red. If helpful, label the green ones with “1,” the blue with “10,” the red with “100,” and more green ones with “1000.”
  • Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCDNoyBMHnk