Parent Involvement Policy

Walden School of Liberal Arts places great value on its relationship with families and students.  Walden families have been an integral part of the various functions of the school since its initial conceptualization.  Without the support and involvement of parents and families, the school could not fulfill its mission with the level of success we have all come to expect:

“Walden is a place where social, emotional, and academic growth are valued equally, a place where students see possibilities, make meaningful choices, take risks, and emerge with a stronger sense of identity, belonging and purpose.  It is a place where critical thought, creativity and independence are nurtured; where empathy, cultural awareness and tolerance are valued.  We champion student choice and autonomy, authentic research and project work.  Our purpose is to develop competent, self-motivated learners dedicated to making positive contributions to society.”

Parents are part of the ongoing process of the planning, review, and improvement of programs.  Parental feedback is encouraged at any time through open communication with teachers, staff, and administration; through Parent Community Council (PCC) channels; and through periodic surveys.  An annual PCC general meeting is held at the beginning of the year and multiple meetings of the various subgroups of the PCC are held throughout the year including the safety, academic, beautification, garden, arts committees, and more.  

Parents are provided information about programs, curricula, assessment, and proficiency levels at a variety of annually scheduled meetings, through the dissemination of the School Report Card, in twice-yearly parent-teacher conferences, via a weekly newsletter, and through open communication channels. 

Some of the events that are scheduled each year to purposefully and specifically include parents include:

  1. An annual back-to-school picnic and/or an open house for all families. These gatherings acquaint families with the faculty, staff, and administration of the school and provide information on how parents can be involved.  These gatherings are typically held in August
  2. A Title I Informational meeting which all parents are invited and encouraged to attend. At this meeting, we share information about Walden’s school improvement plan and progress, academic goals and achievements. We typically partner with the PCC to offer opportunities for service.
  3. Informational meetings for new and prospective families at different program levels
  4. Informational and support meetings for parents on a variety of topics including suicide prevention, literacy, expedition planning, and more
  5. Senior luncheon and graduation events
  6. A variety of performances and student achievement showcases including art shows, plays, parades, Progressions award ceremonies, etc.
  7. CCR meetings and fall and spring parent-teacher conferences
  8. Various fundraising and service events
  9. Beginning of the year and end of year parties, field days, and cleaning days

A primary goal of these events is to build the capacity for successful partnerships with families in supporting and optimizing the full range of social and academic development for Walden’s students—and to share in the joy and challenges of each child’s growth and learning.  We recognize and honor the reality that parents, teachers, administrators, and students all share the responsibility for student success.

Please read the following points of Walden School’s parental involvement policy and ask any questions you may have regarding the policy prior to signing this document.  We are looking forward to a wonderful year in partnership with you!  Thank you for choosing to be a part of the Walden School family.

  1. I have read the school's mission statement and commit to supporting the school as it strives to fulfill this mission.
  2. I understand the school is a charter school, and that providing parents with meaningful opportunities to volunteer is a vital part of its mission. I understand the school would like our family to provide at least 40 hours of volunteer service each year we have children enrolled at this school in order to help accomplish the mission of the school.
  3. I will promote the mission of the school by being courteous and respectful when interacting with staff, students, parents and anyone else in the school community. I agree to take any concerns I have directly to the person most able to successfully address those concerns, and not to others who cannot address the concern. I will work in a cooperative manner to promote the school mission.
  4. I understand that class time is valuable and agree not to interrupt my child or other students during classes, via phone or in person, unless there is a true emergency.
  5. I understand that part of the school’s mission is to help my child gain knowledge and a love of learning. I will support this effort by providing a place and a regular time each school day in which my child can engage in learning activities, including homework, in our home. I will review my child’s folder each day and ensure my child completes the assignments in a timely manner.
  6. I understand that my student needs proper nutrition to function well at school and throughout the day. I will work to ensure that my child will eat a nutritious breakfast and that he/she will not bring sugary snacks and drinks to school.
  7. I understand the school will not be providing transportation to and from school, and that I am responsible for making sure that my child is safely dropped off and picked up each school day within the specified time frame published by the school.
  8. I understand the school has a goal of 95% attendance for students. I will work to schedule outside appointments during times that do not conflict with school hours. I will bring my student to school on time. I understand that if my child is absent 10 consecutive school days he/she will be un-enrolled from the school, according to state guidelines.
  9. I understand that students may bring cell phones or other electronic devices to the school, but that they are not to be used during class time. If a student’s cell phone, iPod, or other electronic device is being used during class, the instructor will confiscate the item and turn it in to the business office. The student’s parent or guardian will have to pick up the device at the end of the day. If a device is confiscated a second time, we reserve the right to keep it in the office for an entire week.
  10. I understand that Walden is a safe school environment. Any behavior that violates safe school policies may lead to suspension or expulsion from the school.
  11. I understand that I have the right to raise any concerns I might have if I observe my child struggling socially or academically and to meet with school administrators, teachers, and/or special educators to address those concerns.


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