JaNae Goodrich

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JaNae was born in Washington but has grown up and lived most of her life in Utah County. She and her 5 siblings are adopted and she has enjoyed growing up with a "colorful" family. JaNae graduated with a bachelors in Social Work from Eastern Washington University and a Master's in Social Work from University of Texas Arlington. She has a passion for working with individuals and their families. She has experience working in residential treatment with adolescent boys and girls. She has knowledge in evidenced-based treatment models including CBT and DBT and helping individuals and their families as they work through depression, anxiety, ADHD, post-traumatic stress disorder, crisis intervention and attachment issues. She loves connecting with people and building relationships both at work and in her life. She is known for her fun demeanor, which often helps others to feel at ease around her. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 7 month old son. She loves animals, playing sports and being in the outdoors. 

Orlinda Vasquez


Orlinda Vazquez is a mother and a teacher. This is her first year at Walden. 

Orlinda has always had an interest in working with children and their learning. Although born and raised in Utah, Orlinda spent 10 years in California after high school working and going to school. She graduated from California State Long Beach, where she spent most of her last two years taking elementary education courses, volunteering at various elementary schools, and working as an assistant at a Montessori school in Laguna Niguel.

Orlinda has a passion for helping children learn all subjects, but has a special interest in guiding children in health and personal growth. It is her goal to have all children succeed and feel successful.

Vanessa Kerr

Vanessa graduated with her Bachelor's in Psychology with an emphasis in education in 2004. She has directed and taught at her own preschool program and is currently loving the "Montessori and Me infant and toddler" parent/child class this year.  She is beyond happy to be apart of the Walden family volunteering/teaching for the past 5 years. Vanessa enjoys singing, hiking, yoga, meditating and taking her kids on adventures!

Sandi Park


Sandi Park began her journey as an educator with a license in secondary history teaching, but when she landed at Walden, she found her place as an upper elementary teacher where she has been for four years.  She had an elementary teaching license.  Sandi loves being part of the Walden faculty where she has the opportunity and support to find unique ways to help each student.