Emily Mower

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Emily Mower was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and therefore loves trees. She learned Spanish on a college study abroad to Universidad Viña del Mar in Chile and later served as a missionary in Honduras for 18 months. Emily truly believes that monolingualism can be cured. She graduated with a Bachelors in Spanish Education from Brigham Young University-Idaho and a Masters of Second Language Teaching from Utah State University. Her teaching experience ranges from teaching middle school in North Carolina to high school in Las Vegas to college at USU.

An obsessor of musical theater, Emily's life revolves around music: composing, performing, accompanying, all the things. In 2018 she had the incredible privilege to be an interpreter for a 3-week international orchestra tour in Italy with musicians from 15 countries. Emily absolutely loves food, both eating it and making it. Her hero is Marie Kondo.