Middle Years Personal Project

Guidelines for completing the MYP Personal Project in your 10th grade year

The MYP Personal Project is a culminating accomplishment at the end of an MYP student’s 10th grade year. Each student has the opportunity to create a product or piece of work that reflects his or her interests and creative energy. Personal Projects give Walden students the opportunity to demonstrate independent learning and many other skills they have learned during their MYP experience at Walden. 

MYP Personal Project

Every project includes four elements:

  1. A creative product the student has completed independently.
  2. A short (1000 word) paper, brochure, or poster that enhances or explains the project.
  3. 10 hours of service related to the project.
  4. A reflection journal that follows the student’s journey through the project process. This can include the original plan, notes, photos, diagrams, journal entries, etc.

Projects will be celebrated in an annual Spring Festival for students and their families.

Project possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.  Following is a sampling of the kinds of projects MYP students have completed in the past.  Any passion or interest you have can probably be converted into a personal project!

A Few Personal Project Ideas:

  • Renovate your bedroom
  • Run a fundraising event for a charity
  • Create a picture book
  • Write a book of poetry
  • Make a piece of furniture
  • Help a family in need
  • Research family ancestry
  • Create a cookbook and make some of the meals
  • Learn to ski
  • Create an art portfolio
  • Design and create a dress
  • Plan and go on a significant trip
  • Become a mentor to a child in who needs academic help
  • Write a song
  • Learn to ride horseback
  • Create a sculpture
  • Research and report on a local issue
  • Develop a computer game
  • Develop a board game
  • Learn how to blacksmith and create something
  • Learn how to do gourmet cooking
  • Learn to sail
  • Learn to paly a musical instrument
  • Create a brochure about global warming
  • Learn a difficult piece of music