Welcome to the Walden Student/Parent Handbook

What is a “liberal arts” school?

Liberal arts high schools, colleges and universities focus on providing students with a balanced education emphasizing strong literacy and reasoning skills and offering a core in the humanities, mathematics, natural and physical sciences, language and literature,  and fine arts. Walden is a college preparatory school and, as such, does not offer many courses typically associated with trade or technical schools. For example, we do not offer driver’s education, metal or wood shop, although we often offer short experiential courses that give students exposure to a wide variety of trades and skills. Students are encouraged to attend MATC  their junior or senior year if they would like a broader technical experience. We have a strong academic core and although we are small, by focusing on college prep we are able to offer a wide variety in our English, Social Studies and Science classes. Walden does not offer credit recovery programs, but we will point you to online programs that may meet your needs.

What’s different about a Walden Education?

At Walden, we try to infuse all of our classes with experiential learning (field experiences, project work, etc.), Socratic teaching (discussion, questioning, debate) media support (film clips, websites, etc.), and critical thought. Students are asked to read extensively and to write papers in most academic core classes. Students are often given choices about the assignments they will complete to demonstrate mastery.

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