A K-12 Montessori School With A Difference

Walden School of Liberal Arts, a free K-12 charter school, provides an engaging, academically challenging student-centered environment. Our program is a based around two internationally celebrated educational models that prepare students to thrive in a global community—Montessori for grades K-5, and International Baccalaureate for grades 6-12. All “Waldenites” are inspired to think deeply and creatively as they celebrate and explore the extraordinary world around them. Come see what makes our school a unique and exceptional choice in Utah Valley!


Learn. Grow. Do.


Our elementary program offers Montessori curriculum coupled with a deep commitment to peace education and authentic learning experiences. We foster and celebrate children’s development of personal interests and love of discovery.

Middle School

In our middle school, we encourage students to stay in touch with the natural world, to challenge themselves both physically and intellectually, and to develop an understanding of and empathy for people of many ethnicities and cultures.

High School

Our high school classes explore possibilities and build independence. We offer the college preparatory International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Students who choose thisoption will be inspired to develop intellectually, emotionally, and ethically.

Our Mission

Walden is a place where social, emotional and academic growth are valued equally, a place where students see possibilities, make meaningful choices, take risks, and emerge with a stronger sense of identity, belonging and purpose.  It is a place where critical thought, creativity and independence are nurtured; where empathy, cultural awareness and tolerance are valued. Our purpose is to develop capable, globally minded citizens who are dedicated to making positive contributions to society.


Next Walden Board of Trustees Meeting: September 27, 1:30 p.m. Visitors Welcome.

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