Walden’s Online Learning Program

Blended Learning Classes

Walden offers a limited selection of blended learning English, Social Studies, Science, Health, PE and Elective classes. These classes allow you to work at your own speed and earn core or elective credit. Walden Blended Learning combine the online experience with in-class learning. In most cases, your instructor will be a Walden faculty member who will meet with you several times throughout your course to check your progress and work with you one-on-one. Coursework may include field experiences, tutoring sessions, small group discussions, or lab work, and you may be invited to attend forums or lectures with a group of students who are also taking the course.

Walden Blending Learning Classes are the only online option you can use that offers personal help from your Walden teachers and allow you to stay on campus and use the school’s facilities and resources to complete your work. Your instructor will be available by email, phone, or appointment to assist you when you need help. You can also request tutoring help from your instructor and/or mentor. Please visit the website at www.waldenschool.us and check with our Academic Advisor to find out which classes we are currently offering. You can call Academic Advising at 801-655-5889, or email maureen@waldenschool.us to start the process.

Statewide Online Education Program (SOEP)


Utah legislation affords eligible students in ninth through twelfth with the option to take up to two high school credits a year of online education as part of their regular schedule. Online courses combined with regular classes may not exceed the number of courses taken during a regular school day. These courses are available at no cost to the student and are funded by withholding state funding from your school/district. Courses may charge class fees that are the responsibility of the student. Fee waivers are available to eligible students. Parents assume the responsibility for students during the release time from the school day.

This program is not intended to serve as credit recovery. If you need to earn missing credit, you will need to work with Academic Advising to find reasonably priced options. Walden does not have a credit recovery program and cannot fund repeated classes.

The purposes of Statewide Online Education Program are to: 

  • Provide students with access to online learning regardless of where students attend  school. 
  • Provide high quality learning options for students regardless of language, residence,  family income, or special needs. 
  • Provide online learning options to allow students to acquire the knowledge and  technology skills necessary in a digital world. 
  • Utilize the power and scalability of technology to customize education so that  students may learn in their own style preference and at their own pace. 
  • Utilize technology to remove the constraints of traditional classroom learning,  allowing students to access learning virtually at any time and in any place and give  students the flexibility to take advantage of their peak learning time. 
  • Provide personalized learning where students can spend as little or as much time as  they need to master the material. 
  • Provide greater access to selfEpaced programs enabling highEachieving students to  accelerate academically, while struggling students may have additional time and  help to gain competency. 
  • Allow students to customize their schedule to better meet their academic goals. 
  • Provide quality learning options to better prepare students for postEsecondary  education and vocational or career opportunities. 
  • Allow students to have an individualized educational experience. 

To begin this process a Course Credit Acknowledgement (CCA) form must be prepared by your counselor or the online provider and submitted to the Utah State Office of Education. Please talk to Our Academic Advisor at 801-655-5889, or email maureen@waldenschool.us to start the process.