Bring Your Own Device


Walden understands that our students are digital natives who have grown up surrounded by computing technology as an everyday part of their lives. Our students live in a multimedia world, they constantly connect and collaborate, and they access information that is live through laptops and mobile devices. Recognizing that life outside the classroom is more and more connected, mobile, and on-demand, Walden is committed to creating a learning environment inside the classroom that focuses on the principles of 21st century education: communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. For these reasons, Walden allows our students to bring their own device to class and connect their device to Walden’s WSLA networks. The following outlines the responsible use of personal devices, privacy for information collected by WSLA networks, and solutions for students who do not have their own device.

Rules for Responsible Use

Who can use personal devices and connect to the WSLA networks?

Only current students or employees are authorized to bring their own devices and use the WSLA networks.

Where can personal devices be used?

Students may use their personal devices anywhere on Walden’s campus in compliance with the Rules for Responsible Use. In the classroom, personal devices may be used at the discretion of the instructor and in compliance with the Rules for Responsible Use.

When can personal devices be used?

During classroom instruction, personal devices may be used at the discretion of the instructor and in compliance with the Rules for Responsible Use. The use of personal devices during other school activities will be determined on a case by case basis by the Walden Administration.

How can personal devices be used?

Social networking/gaming/messaging. During classroom instruction, personal devices may not be used for social networking, gaming, or messaging unless otherwise noted by the instructor. Social networking, gaming, and messaging during other school activities will be determined on a case by case basis by the Walden Administration. Devices designed primarily for gaming are not permitted on the Walden campus.

Internet Safety. Any device that connects to the internet must have internet security software approved by the Walden Administration. Students will not reveal on the internet personal information about themselves or other persons. Students will not meet in person anyone that they have met only on the internet. Students must abide by all laws when using Walden’s networks.

Internet Use. These are examples of inappropriate activity on WSLA networks, but Walden reserves the right to take immediate action regarding activities 1) that create security and/or safety issues for Walden, students, employees, schools, network or computer resources, or 2) that expend Walden resources on content Walden in its sole discretion determines lacks legitimate educational content/purpose, or 3) other activities as determined by Walden as inappropriate.

– Violating any state or federal law or municipal ordinance, such as;

– Criminal activities that can be punished under law;

– Selling or purchasing illegal items or substances;

– Obtaining and/or using anonymous email sites; spamming; spreading viruses;

– Causing harm to others or damage to their property:

– Engaging in uses that jeopardize access or lead to unauthorized access into others’ accounts or other computer networks;

– Using the network or internet for commercial purposes.

Cyberbullying. Walden has a zero tolerance policy concerning bullying, including cyberbullying. Any incident of cyberbullying will result in the immediate revocation of the student’s BYOD and network privileges.

Penalties for Violation of the Rules of Responsible Use

The use of a personal device and Walden’s networks is a privilege, not a right, and misuse will result in the restriction or revocation of the student’s BYOD and network privileges and/or confiscation of the device. Misuse may also lead to disciplinary and/or legal action for both students and employees, including suspension, expulsion, dismissal from Walden employment, or criminal prosecution by government authorities. Walden will attempt to tailor any disciplinary action to the specific issues related to each violation.


In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule and Walden’s Online Information Privacy policy, Walden will:

  1. provide direct notice to parents of Walden’s BYOD and Online Information Privacy policies;

  2. notify parents of any changes made to Walden’s BYOD policy;

  3. obtain verifiable parental consent before their child connects their own device to any of the WSLA networks;

  4. notify parents of any collection of the information;

  5. notify parents of any disclosure of the information to third parties;

  6. provide parents access to their child’s personal information to review and/or delete; and

  7. give parents the opportunity to discontinue use of their child’s personal information and prevent further online collection of information with the condition that their child will no longer be able to bring their own device or connect their device to any of the WSLA networks.

Students Who Do Not Have Devices

Walden will provide a school-owned device to any student who does not have a personal device. School-owned devices are to remain on Walden campus and are to be returned to their dock when not in use. A student may take home a school-owned device provided the student buys insurance for the device. Use of a school-owned device is subject to the Rules for Responsible Use found herein.


Walden makes no guarantees about the quality of the services provided and is not responsible for any claims, losses, damages, costs, or other obligations arising from use of the network or accounts. Any additional charges a user accrues due to the use of WSLA networks are to be borne by the user. Walden also denies any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through user access. Any statement, accessible on the computer network or the internet, is understood to be the author's individual point of view and not that of Walden’s, its affiliates, or employees.

All personal devices brought onto the Walden campus are subject to the BYOD policy regardless of whether they are connected to WSLA networks.

By bringing a personal device onto Walden campus and/or using WSLA networks, users have agreed to this policy.