Hannah West

Hannah has been part of the Walden family since the very beginning.  She grew up in Utah and adores the recreation and unique scenery it has to offer and utilizes it often. She has studied at the University of Utah, Utah Valley University and MATC. Her favorite subjects include Liberal Arts, Anthropology, Sociology and Photography.  She has participated as a photojournalist and also worked for Foundry Photojournalism Workshop around the world each summer for several years. She loves photography, music, hiking, camping and scuba diving (and her dogs of course). Above anything else, she loves traveling. Some of her travels have included India, Thailand, Mexico, Turkey, Europe, Argentina, Ecuador, South Africa, Guatemala and Fiji.  She loves to chaperone Walkabout and school trips, mentor students, and does a little bit of everything. Hannah serves as the school Assistant Director to the Executive Director and as a non-voting board of trustee member.  She has loved her time at Walden and looks forward to the many adventures of working with our awesome faculty and students on a daily basis.

You can contact Hannah via email Hannah@waldenschool.us with any questions related to the High School Program. HS policy, HS parent-school communications, HS administrative concerns and student affairs.